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Rosaceae (rights holder: James Steamer) © James Steamer

Rose Family

Foodplant / minersolitary larva of Agromyza potentillae mines leaf of RosaceaeFoodplant / minerlarva of Agromyza sulfuriceps mines leaf of RosaceaePlant / epiphytefruitbody of Aleurodiscus aurantius grows on RosaceaeFoodplant / open feederlarva of Allantus cinctus grazes on live leaf of RosaceaeFoodplant / feeds onlarva of Anthonomus rubi feeds on RosaceaeOther: minor host/preyPlant / associatefru... Text © BioImages

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Taxonomic Completion
22 of 104 accepted Genera.
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Botanical Reference
None available. You can check The Plant List for further information.
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