Individual Reference Collections

Digitised and undigitised reference material from individual collections and institutions.

African Pollen Reference Collection

Willis, Kathy J. / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

Reference slides made from herbarium specimens and field samples by members of the Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory between 2004-2007.

Version 2 published on Friday, 26 April 2019

OxLEL Mongolian Collection

Willis, Kathy J / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

Samples collected in 2004 in Mongolia. Slides were produced in 2004 and digitised in January 2017.

Version 1 published on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Pollen Canarias

Nogu?, Sandra / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

Pollen from botanical specimens collected and identified in the field. This collection includes many species endemic to the Canary Islands. All samples were collected from the Canary Islands.

Version 2 published on Sunday, 18 March 2018

Galapagos Islands Modern Reference Material

Willis, Kathy / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

A reference collection of pollen and spores from vascular plants in the Galapagos Islands, predominantly collected from herbarium specimens. This reference collection was used to support the publication: Froyd, C., Leeuwen, J. F. N. v., Froyd, C. A., Knaap, W. O. v. d., Coffey, E. E., Tye, A., & Wi...

Version 2 published on Monday, 30 April 2018

European Reference Collection

Willis, Kathy J / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

Species listed in the Flora Europaea sampled from herbaria collections and living plants.

Version 4 published on Friday, 01 December 2017

Pollen Catalogue of the British Isles

Bennett, Keith

An existing digitised collection that has been migrated to the Global Pollen Project. Keith Bennett writes: The catalogue covers pollen and spores of all native pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and angiosperms of the British Isles, together with pollen of recent introductions (including crop plants) and...

Version 3 published on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mexican Reference Collection

Figueroa Rangel, Dr Blanca Lorena / Universidad de Guadalajara

A reference pollen collection produced using pollen samples from specimens at Zea Herbarium, Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur, Universidad de Guadalajara. The slides were created at Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory and a duplicate copy of the collection remains at OxLEL, University of Oxford...

Version 2 published on Monday, 19 March 2018

Americas Reference Collection

Willis, Kathy J / Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory

A reference collection of samples from plants native to the Americas

Version 1 published on Monday, 12 November 2018

West Cork Palynology

Lewando, Robin

A palynological collection, focusing on native Irish plants, designed to 1. aid understanding and appreciation of pollen morphology; and 2. to enable identification in palaeoecological analyses primarily in West Cork.

Version 1 published on Friday, 26 April 2019

What are these collections?

Pollen and spore reference material is commonly organised in phyiscal reference collections, of drawers of individual glass slides. We hold records of such collections, important information about their manufacture, and whether they have been digitised into the Global Pollen Project.