West Cork Palynology

Individual Reference Collection

A palynological collection, focusing on native Irish plants, designed to 1. aid understanding and appreciation of pollen morphology; and 2. to enable identification in palaeoecological analyses primarily in West Cork.


Curator: Robin Lewando

Digitised by: Robin David Lewando

Material contributed by: R. Lewando

Access to Material

This is a personal collection. Access to the physical reference material may be granted on request. Please contact the curator for more information.


Lewando, Robin , West Cork Palynology (Version 1). Digitised palynological Reference Collection accessed via globalpollenproject.org on Friday, 21 June 2024

WCP001 Prunus cerasiferaRosaceaeRosaceaePrunusPrunusPrunus cerasiferacerasiferaYes: 1 image(s)View