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Lolium (rights holder: Valter Jacinto) © Valter Jacinto


Annuals or perennials. Leaves with 2 auricles at the base of the lamina. Inflorescence with spikelets borne alternately, edgeways on and partially sunk in the rhachis, on opposite sides of the axis of a solitary raceme. Spikelets of many florets. Lower glume 0 in all but the terminal spikelet, the upper glume abaxial; the terminal spikelet with 2 glumes. Glumes 5-9-nerved. Lemma 5-nerved, awned or... Text © Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten and Petra Ballings

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Parent Taxon
Taxonomic Completion
2 of 11 accepted Species.
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Botanical Reference
None available. You can check The Plant List for further information.
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