Dalea obreniformis (Rydb.) Barneby

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Dalea obreniformis (rights holder: 2016 Wynn Anderson)© 2016 Wynn Anderson (licence)

Dalea obreniformis

Petalostemon obreniformis Rydberg, sp. novAn annual, branched at the base; stems about 3 dm. high, glabrous, terete, branched; leaves ascending, 2-4 cm. long; stipules subulate-setaceous, 3-4 mm. long; rachis scarcely margined; leaflets 9-13, elliptic, 6-10 mm. long, glabrous, paler beneath; peduncles 1-7 cm. long; spikes slender, 1-4 cm. long, about 5 mm. thick; bracts inverted-reniform, apiculat... © (licence)

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