Helleborus viridis L.

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Helleborus viridis (rights holder: Jos Mara Escolano)© Jos Mara Escolano (licence)

Green Hellebore

Herbs , 1.2-3.5 dm. Stems fluted and ridged. Leaves 2-5 or more; basal leaves with petioles to 30cm; blades to 40cm wide, lobes 6-15, 2-cleft or incised, 6-21 × 1.5-4.2 cm, margins sharply serrate; cauline leaves similar to basal but smaller, sessile or short-petioled. Inflorescences: peduncles 2-5 cm. Flowers pendent, 35-60 mm diam.; sepals scarcely imbricate, 9-20 mm wide; petals upwardl... © Missouri Botanical Garden, 4344 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63110 USA (licence)

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