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Suaeda (rights holder: Alexander P. Sukhorukov, Pei-Liang Liu, Maria Kushunina)© Alexander P. Sukhorukov, Pei-Liang Liu, Maria Kushunina (licence)


Annuals, subshrubs or shrubs, glabrous or slightly pubescent with curved or short straight hairs. Stems green or red. Leaves terete or semi-terete, rarely flattened, obtuse or mucronate, with diverse anatomy and photosynthetic pathways. Inflorescences branched, flowers in clusters subtended by a leaf-bract and tiny hyaline bracteoles. Perianth of 5 segments or lobes, sometimes fused almost to the... © Alexander P. Sukhorukov, Pei-Liang Liu, Maria Kushunina (licence)

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Taxonomic Completion
2 of 73 accepted Species
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None available. You can check The Plant List for further information.
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