Narcissus pseudonarcissus L.

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Narcissus pseudonarcissus (rights holder: Bas Kers (NL))© Bas Kers (NL) (licence)

Wild Daffodil

Bulbs ovoid, 3–5 × 2–3 cm, tunic pale brown. Leaves 3–4; blade flat, 20–45 cm × 5–12(–15) mm, glaucous. Inflorescences 1-flowered, 25–50 cm; spathe pale brown, 2–3 cm, papery. Flowers fragrant; perianth white, 5–7 cm wide; perianth tube 1.5–2 cm, tapering abruptly to base; distinct portions of tepals erect to spreading, yellow, often twisted, oblanceolate, 2.5–3.5 × 1–1.5 cm, apex acute; corona... © Missouri Botanical Garden, 4344 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63110 USA (licence)

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