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Myriophyllum (rights holder: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten and Petra Ballings)© Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten and Petra Ballings (licence)

Water Milfoil

Glabrous, perennial, monoecious or polygamous, rarely dioecious, aquatic herbs, usually submerged but sometimes growing on mud. Stipules 0, but stipule-like outgrowths may occur at the leaf bases. Submerged leaves in whorls of 3-6, pinnatisect into undivided segments; aerial leaves whorled, opposite or alternate. Flowers mostly sessile, 1 or 2 in the axil of a leaf or bract (aquaticum) or in an em... © Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten and Petra Ballings (licence)

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3 of 28 accepted Species
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None available. You can check The Plant List for further information.
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