Sparganium natans L.

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Sparganium natans (rights holder: 2009 Keir Morse) © 2009 Keir Morse

Small Bur-reed

General: Bur-reed family (Sparaniaceae). American bur-reed Sparganium americanum (SPAM) branched bur-reed Sparganium androcladum (SPAN) narrowleaf bur-reed Sparganium angustifolium (SPAN2) simplestem bur-reed Sparganium erectum (SPER) broadfruit bur-reed Sparganium eurycarpum (SPEU) floating bur-reed Sparganium fluctuans (SPFL) clustered bur-reed Sparganium glomeratum (SPGL) northern bur-reed Spar... Text © USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center

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