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Dryopteris (rights holder: Kent McFarland) © Kent McFarland

Wood Fern

In Great Britain and/or Ireland:Foodplant / saprobefruitbody of Athelopsis lembospora is saprobic on decayed debris of DryopterisFoodplant / saprobefruitbody of Basidiodendron radians is saprobic on debris of DryopterisFoodplant / internal feederlarva of Blasticotoma filiceti feeds within rhachis of DryopterisFoodplant / saprobebasidiome of Cephaloscypha mairei is saprobic on dead frond of Dryopte... Text © BioImages

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Parent Taxon
Taxonomic Completion
6 of 302 accepted Species.
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Botanical Reference
None available. You can check The Plant List for further information.
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