Limbarda crithmoides (L.) Dumort.

Species in the Global Pollen Project's Master Reference Collection.

Digitised Reference Slides

We currently have 2 digitised slides. Each record may contain multiple individual grains and images.

Limbarda crithmoides (rights holder: Valter Jacinto) © Valter Jacinto

Golden Samphire

In Great Britain and/or Ireland:Foodplant / galllarva of Myopites eximia causes gall of capitulum of Inula crithmoidesOther: sole host/preyFoodplant / galllarva of Myopites inulaedyssentericae causes gall of capitulum of Inula crithmoidesOther: unusual host/preyFoodplant / internal feederlarva of Trupanea stellata feeds within capitulum of Inula crithmoides Text © BioImages

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