Brncic 036: Geophila afzelii

African Pollen Reference Collection - digitised reference slide

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Willis, K; Brncic, T (2019). Geophila afzelii (Brncic 036). Digitised palynological slide. In: African Pollen Reference Collection (Version 5, published 10/17/2019). Original material located at Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory. Retrieved from on 2024-05-27.

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Directly sampled from plant material

The source plant and identification method is unknown. Please contact the curator of this reference collection for more information.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Reference Collection Details
Taxon on Slide
Family: Rubiaceae
Genus: Geophila
Species: afzelii
Sample Collected By
Slide Preparation
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Chemical Treatment
Slide Creation Date
Mounting Medium
Silicone Oil