Contact Us

For general enquiries, you can email the Global Pollen Project Team at [email protected]. The project is currently led by Andrew Martin, School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford.

For more specific enquiries, please see the best contacts below.

I am interested in digitising a pollen reference collection that I curate

Thank you for your interest. If you have queries about our digitisation tools and digitisation process, or would like a demonstration of the process, please contact Dr Andrew Martin at [email protected].

I've found a bug or have encountered an issue

We keep track of bugs on our GitHub issues page. If you are familiar with GitHub, you may open a new issue and we will address it when able. If you're not a GitHub user, you can also email us at [email protected] to report bugs or problems.

I would like to collaborate or contribute financially

Please have a look at our current roadmap here. If you have ideas or would like to collaborate further, please send us an email.

As part of ensuring the long-term provision of the Global Pollen Project, we are considering establishing a stewardship group. If you are interested this, please send us an email.

The Global Pollen Project has some maintainance costs that are currently unmet from grant funding. If you can help, let us know.

I wish to use the whole database for a project

You can use the API to access the contents of our database, including images. Please be mindful of our citation guidelines and attribution requirements of the licenses used. If you are intending to make substantial use of the whole database, please let us know so we can track project impact at this email.